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Meal Plans

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2017 - 2018 academic year.  If you have any questions regarding these plans, please contact Student Life at (512) 863-1624.

Meal Plans for2017 - 2018 School Year

Meal Plan

Pirate Bucks

Dining Dollars

Unlimited Meals per week



15 Meals per week



12 Meals per week



165 Block Meals per semester



9 Meals per week



140 Block Meals per semester



5 Meals per week (commuter plan only)



Meal Plan Information

  • Traditional Meal plans 15, 12, 9, and 5 meal per week
    Unused meals do not transfer from week to week.  Meals can only be used for the student to which the plan belongs.

  • Block Plans
    Unused meals do not transfer from Fall to Spring Semester.  At the end of each semester, any unused meals are non refundable and will not be transferred over to the next semester or the new academic year.  Students must use meals by the end of each semester.  Meals can only be used for the student to which the plan belongs.

  • Pirate Bucks
    Can be used any where on or off campus.  These will carry over from semester to semester.

  • Dining Dollars
    Can only be used in the Commons or The Cove.  These will carry over from Fall to Spring semester but must be used by the end of the Spring semester.  Any unused Dining Dollars will forfeit at the end of the Spring Semester.

Pirate Buc$

For added flexibility, students can supplement their meal plan by opening a "Pirate Buc$" account. This is a convenient prepaid account that works just like a checking account. A "Pirate Buc$" account can either be used to supplement any of the afore mentioned meal plans or it can be maintained as a separate account. Everytime an individual item is purchased, the "Pirate Buc$" account will be debited electronically. Students can keep track of their balance by asking the cashier.

This convenient "debit" account allows students to pay a guest rate and access additional meals or treat a friend to a meal in The Commons and The Cove. Pirate Buc$ may be purchased at the Business Office, and are also available to faculty & staff!

Important Info

Seconds Policy
Seconds are offered on all items in the McCombs Center with the exclusion of Premium Night. Students are encouraged to take one serving and return for more.

Sick Trays
Sick trays may be obtained by bringing a written request form from a Resident Assistant and the recipient's meal card.

Special Diet
Special diets can be provided by bringing a doctor's recommended diet and the doctor's slip confirming the diet to the Dining Services office in the McCombs Center.

Resident Dining Special Events
Special events are offered on a monthly basis. These include Premium Night, Steak and Shrimp Night, Cajun Night, Earth Day, etc.

Other Special Events
Student groups who would like to use the conference rooms must make a reservation one week in advance with the Student Activities located in the McCombs Center.

Meal cards
Meal cards are nontransferrable. Students must present their meal card/ID for all meals. If a meal card/ID is lost, the student must replace their meal card/ID at the Pirate Card Office located in the Library for a cost of $25.

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